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Carolina Clean Machine offers a wide variety of cleaning methods to improve the appearance of your home or business. We are a professional team with years of experience. Our team has an eye for detail and a passion to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.
House Washing

Your home is constantly in a battle with Mother Nature. Between wind, rain, insects, and birds a house is suspect to build up of dirt and mildew. We use a hot water and low pressure system with an eco-friendly wash solution to bring your home back to life.

Hot / Cold Pressure Cleaning

Using the best equipment is crucial when it comes to cleaning your home. Carolina Clean Machine has the newest most advanced machines. We use a hot water machine to rid dirt and stains from the exterior of your home to ensure the clean you want.

Wood Surface Restoration / Cleaning

Our wood surface restoration service is all inclusive with outdoor wood. Decks, patios, outside wood furniture can all be restored to its natural look.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

In North Carolina we have a wide span of weather that causes roofs to experience damage. Mold and other fungus can develop on roofs. Cleaning your roof not only improves the appearance but can expand the roofs life span and functionality. We use a soft wash machine and eco-friendly solution to remove stains.




Window Cleaning

Windows seems to have it the worse. Windows are routinely exposed to weather and mankind. We are a fast professional team with the appropriate tools to leave your windows crystal clear.

Concrete / Brick Surface Cleaning

From city sidewalks to your driveway we can rid concrete of dirt and grime. We use a top of the line surface cleaner machine to return concrete to its original look.


Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is essential for optimal function. Our team removes all debris by hand. We use our top of the line water system to clean and ensure gutters flow properly.

Residential and Commercial

We are capable to service restaurants, banks, retail shops and more. Carolina Clean Machine wants to improve the appearance of all buildings. All services for homes can be applied to commercial estates. Through pressure washing, regular window cleaning, and concrete/sidewalk cleaning we can have your business shinning.

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